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Lüneberg – Salt Of The Earth

The soul mingles in the warmth carried by the sun. As we dance in our life toward the best love, the best time, the best place, we do it one step at a time. Here’s to doing all of that, all the time, with you.

Between a soft twilight and dazzling dusk, the medieval old town of Lüneberg with its red Brick Gothic–style buildings reveal an illuminating history both remarkable and stirring. The salt of the earth is found here. Life is dependent on the salt found deep in the fissures of the earth surrounding this rousing, robust city. Lüneberg is awash with color and charm. You can feast here. Feast on your life.

Whenever you find yourself in Germany's Lower Saxony region visit Lüneberg. It is a must-see.

5am and the town slowly begins to stir.


Fed by the Elbe river Lüneburg lies on the river Ilmenau.


The old harbor from the Brausebrücke bridge.


Medieval records suggest Lüneburg was prospering as early as 956 AD.


The houses in the historic quarter were built above a salt dome.


Lüneberg's historic centre was spared destruction during WWII.


Watermills and windmills dot the countryside surrounding Lüneberg.

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